Tess's technique on Natural Lips teaches even blending, soft-invisible linework, perfect color picking/mixing to create the most natural and perfect healed results every time. Learning this technique and how to create natural-looking lip tattoos will give artists the chance to excel in their business and create perfect healed lips that appeal to every client. 

Tess's four-day training will provide you with the knowledge and practice required to excel in your career as a permanent makeup artist. A student kit, lunch, and beverages are included in the registration cost. Students will receive a certificate of completion on the final course date.

Professional Course Kit

  • Pigment kit
  • Needles
  • Machine
  • Stencil Kit Setup
  • Practice Skins
  • Pigment Cups
  • Microfibers
  • 2x Numbing Creams
  • Setting Powder
  • Training Manual
  • Aftercare
  • Set Up Kit Supplies

Please Note

You will need to provide a model for Day 3 or Day 4. Schedule details will be emailed to you.

Model Sourcing
If you would like us to help you secure a model for the class you signed up for, please email us the request once you signed up for the course. A fee of $100+tax will be required per model.

You will be asked for a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $2,000 upon registration. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class. Payments can be made by credit card and cash.



10:00am - 6:00pm
$5500 + HST
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