You have the option of financing the payment for all of our classes. Financing is offered through iFinance Canada and you need to complete an application form online. 

Please follow the steps below if you would like to apply for financing. Interest rate may vary according to applicant's credit score.


Step 1  Complete an application form online.


Step 2  Medicard will review the applicant's credit report and verify income information provided. The applicant also has the option of applying with a co-signer if necessary. When an application is approved for financing, Medicard will prepare a "Disclosure Statement" form for the applicant to sign and return with a photocopy of a void cheque (for monthly auto debit) and photo ID. This entire process is done by fax of email.


Step 3  Medicard will issue a completed "Financing Confirmation & Funds Request" form to Beauté Academy confirming that the applicant's financing has been approved.


Step 4  To receive payment, Beauté Academy signs the applicable portion of the "Funds Request" form and returns by email to Medicard. Medicard will then issue payment directly to Beauté Academy by direct deposit.


Step 5  Once Beauté Academy receives the payment, you will be enrolled in the class requested.