1 Day Advanced Course

Eyebrow Design
Learn how to design eyebrows that compliment and enhance various face shapes. There will be a comprehensive overview of how to measure and draw eyebrow shapes on clients. You will also learn tips and tricks for when the eyebrows are not symmetrical and how to correct these and other facial nuances.

Stroke Technique
Learn how to identify different hair growth patterns, optimize your strokes to match each client, and achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows. You will also learn different techniques for how to transition throughout the eyebrow on difficult areas such as the top arch.

Colour Theory
We will cover how to identify and select different colour tones, shades and warm vs. cool colours, making the colour-matching process much more precise and effective. Finally, we will address how to correct colour tones in instances where the strokes heal either too cool or too warm. The pigment brand LiPigments will be used as a reference to show samples for how to mix & match colours.

Microshading Ombré Combination Technique
Learn new techniques for how to create more fullness to an eyebrow through microshading, ombré or combination techniques.  Some clients with oily skin types may not achieve optimal results through microblading itself and will also benefit from the addition of microshading and/or the ombré technique.  Both manual and machine techniques will be demonstrated.

Live Model Demo
Observe our instructors completing the end-to-end process with a model. Brow mapping, microblading, manual shading and ombré shading will be demonstrated.

Please note: Microblading experience required. This is NOT a beginner's class.




10:00am - 5:00pm


$850 + HST

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