7 Exciting Eyeliner Tattoo Tips and Tricks You Must Know to be the Best PMU Artist

If you feel like your eyeliner tattoo could use some help, or if you just want to try some new techniques, this article is for you. Eyeliner tattoo is one of the most popular PMU services out there. Drawing the eyeliner has always been a hard skill to master for most people, so it is no surprise that many people would just like to get the eyeliner tattoo and not have to worry about it. If you currently don’t offer eyeliner tattoo services, it is a great addition to your portfolio, will bring in additional clients, and more income. 

The tips and tricks that we will share with you below are from our master PMU instructors. They have mastered this skill from being in this industry for many years. They made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to. Keep reading to find out more!

Eyeliner Tattoo

1. Manual Outline

Many PMU artists, even experienced ones, still have difficulty creating a steady and clean outline. If you have trouble creating the outline of the shape using the machine, try creating the outline manually with a microblade.

Using a microblade will allow you to have more control over the placement when creating the outline. Many have found that switching to creating a perfect outline with the manual technique has eliminated their anxiety when they used to use a machine to do the outline.

Just like with eyebrows, you want to pay more attention to the outline of the eyeliner. You don’t want to end up with one side bigger than the other. That’s why creating the outline will ensure you don’t lose the shape. Here is an image of what can happen when you do not design and outline properly. 

Examples of uneven eyeliner tattoos

In our Eyeliner Tattoo Online course, we show you step-by-step how to create the outline manually, so you can feel safe, not losing your design.


2. Bleeding, Bruising, and Swelling

There shouldn’t be MAJOR BLEEDING or BRUISING - if you notice a lot of swelling, bruising, or bleeding, your technique can definitely be improved. Our signature classic eyeliner technique, if done correctly, should not have any of these extreme side effects.

Some clients do have minor swelling in the days following, especially when they wake up in the morning. That is normal, but severe bruising and swelling are not normal.

If your clients are experiencing bleeding, bruising, or major swelling, we suggest you take our Eyeliner Tattoo Online course to find out how to improve your techniques to make your clients’ experience more comfortable. 

3. Needle Handling 

When you are working on your client and find yourself trying to do contortionist tricks to monitor your tattoo process, we recommend extending the needle-hang a bit longer when working on eyeliner. This way you can monitor the tip of the needle hitting the skin and it will help you to carry the consistent pressure and depth throughout the process. Ideally, the needle hang should be 2mm - 2.5mm.

4. Needle Techniques

When doing an eyeliner tattoo, use the Pendulum and Dragging technique for the skin on the lash line. The skin is much thinner and more sensitive on the lash line, therefore the Pendulum and Dragging technique, as outlined in our online course, is ideal for this area.

Eyeliner tattoo Pendulum and Dragging technique

We cannot stress enough that eyeliner tattoos are not like body tattoos. You shouldn’t be using the same techniques that you do for body tattoos or any other PMU tattoos for that matter.

PRO TIP: You can whip the needle toward you or away from you, but never in both directions. Continue in one direction only. This technique is great for creating powdery and shadow eyeliners and depositing pigment above the lash line and inner corner where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. 

5. Stretching

Stretching the skin near the eye is different from stretching the skin on the brows. Make sure you don’t put pressure on the eyeball area and the stretch should be more of a horizontal stretch. The weight or pressure should be in the middle part of your finger vs. the fingertips.

We go over many of these stretching techniques in our Master the Stretch Course that is a great technique refresher for many PMU artists. 

eyeliner tattoo master the stretch

6. Pigment Retention

When doing an eyeliner tattoo, or any PMU, always wipe the pigment away with micellar water to make sure the pigment has been deposited well. If you don’t wipe off the pigment from time to time, you might not be able to analyze your work throughout the eyeliner area. In some areas, you might have to adjust your pressure, depending on the different parts of the eyeliner. Always check your work from time to time and adjust your pressure accordingly. Uneven or too deep of pressure can cause poor pigment retention or pigment migration to unwanted areas. 

7. Tips for Different Types of Eyeliner Tattoo 

Lash Line Enhancement: This eyeliner technique is great for those that don’t wear a lot of makeup or want to keep a more natural look. 

eyeliner tattoo lash line enhancement
eyeliner tattoo lash line enhancement


Pro Tip: Lashline enhancements should be done just below the eyelashes and never beyond the meibomian glands.

Classic Eyeliner: This option is for those that want the classic winged eyeliner look. This is the most popular option for eyeliner tattoos.

eyeliner tattoo classic eyeliner
eyeliner tattoo classic eyeliner


Pro Tip: If you are having issues creating a symmetrical outline, try using a microblade to manually create the outline so you can have more control over the implementation.

Powder or Stardust Eyeliner: This style mimics the smoky eye look and is lighter at the top of the eyeliner, not as solid-looking as the classic eyeliner. 

eyeliner tattoo powder eyeliner
eyeliner tattoo powder eyeliner


Pro Tip: When creating the powdered look, it can heal thicker than it looks after you finish. It is always better to go a little lighter and touch them up later than making it too thick from the start. 

Ready to up your Eyeliner Game?

If you are ready to learn how to do eyeliner tattoo or simply refresh your technique, our Eyeliner Tattoo Online course is perfect for you. It allows you to learn at your own pace because it is 100% online! 

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