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Manufacturer: Bomtech Electronics Co., Ltd.
Model name : DIGITAL-HAND-NW



Body + Hand-piece Stand + Battery(2ea) + Battery Charger


This device is used for injecting pigmentation inhaled into the disposable needle to mark the colour pigment to skin.

Easy to use with rechargeable batteries

  • Wireless use with 2 rechargeable batteries
  • 1-7 speed level
  • Visualized current speed on LED display
  • Available to choose between disposable needle cartridges of PMU and MTS depending on the purposes

Pause mode for user's convenience

  • Pause mode during treatment by setting hand-piece on cradle
  • Battery charging and treatment at the same time

    Ergonomic hand-piece

    • Comfortable to hold the hand-piece for a long time
    • Various needles cartridge options
    • Easy to adjust the needle length by turning the adjustment ring

    Disposable sterilized cartridges

    • EO sterilized disposable needle cartridges(Optional)

      Patented technology

      • Hygienically prevents from being injected contaminant during the operation
      • Needle cartridges are optional

        Adjustment of pigment flow

        • Adjusts the amount of pigment by turning the adjustment ring on Digital Revo needles

          Durable needle cartridge packaging

          • Individual blister package
          • Durable packaging to prevent product damage

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