Beauté Academy

Wireless Beauté Shading Machine


This small digital, wireless hand piece machine can be used for full PMU procedures including eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. 

*Complementary 10 needle cartridges (1R 0.3mm) upon purchase

  • Manufacturer 30 day warranty
  • 3 different speed settings
  • Comfortable design to hold the hand piece for a long time
  • Easy to adjust the needle length by turning the adjustment ring on the hand piece
  • Lightweight, stable with low noise
  • Simple installation, avoid cross infection
  • Machine can be used with wire or with wireless battery for easier mobility and comfortable handling.

Needle sizes and suggested needle speeds: 

  • Eyebrow lines (nano brows): 1R 0.18mm
  • Eyebrow shading (ombre): 1R 0.3mm
  • Eyeliner: 1R 0.3mm
  • Lips: 1R 0.3mm
  • Recommended speed setting is middle, but varies according to preference and skin type

Inserting needle into the hand piece:

Hold the hand piece with the insertion opening facing upwards. Screw the needle cartridge into the receiver opening in the hand piece. You should be able to feel it lock in place. Make sure the cartridge is locked in tight. If you're not sure that it's locked in place, hold the hand piece up by the cartridge. If it's not locked, the hand piece will dislodge from the needle cartridge. 


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