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Pro Brow Mapping Online

Upgrade your brow mapping skills with our online Pro Brow Mapping class. Learn at your own pace and discover different techniques to improve your brow mapping so you can WOW your clients. This jam packed course from our master instructors is a MUST for any PMU artist. Elevate your skills today!


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Why Take Pro Brow Mapping?

The Brow Mapping Pro course is designed to take your brow mapping skills to the next level. This course addresses facial asymmetry that you may encounter during a brow session and provides solutions through various case studies to help you achieve better symmetry.

More Lessons Then the Basics Course

With 15 more lessons than the Brow Mapping Basic course, plus 3 case studies, 4 demonstration videos using various tools, case study exercises, and more, this course is the most comprehensive Brow Mapping course ever!
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Completely Online & Full Support

Learn at your own pace with our completely online courses. Need help? No problem! Our instructors are available to answer any questions you have throughout the process. Beauté Academy is committed to seeing you succeed as a PMU artist!

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Nicky Nicholson

"This is by far the informative brow mapping course I have taken. This course teaches you how to PROPERLY ASSESS 5 crucial things before starting your mapping, then you are taught how to PROBLEM SOLVE and then MAP ACCORDINGLY for EVERY scenario that will come through your door. To be honest every trainer/training institution should be teaching all their students brow mapping like this. I can honestly say after this course brow mapping will no longer give me anxiety and it will cut down my mapping time down bc I am much more educated and I will be able to educate my clients more effectively."

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