The BEST Ombre Brow Course Online EVER!

Sign up for the best Ombre Brow Course EVER for just $599 CAD! This online course let's you learn at your own pace and features over 100 lessons and videos. The best part... you will get full support from Beauté Academy! Read below for testimonials and more info on this fantastic course!

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"I highly recommend this ombre brow course to anyone that is interested in ombre brows or need/want to freshen up their skills. This content is very thorough and you can tell the educators have put a lot of work and dedication into this course. I love the high-quality videos as they offer up-close footage and you can really see their techniques. As a visual and physical learner, this really benefited me because I could watch and practice along with the videos at my own pace! Plus, I get lifetime access! So, thank you Beauté Academy for creating this online course and sharing your knowledge!!"

Deanna Ly

"I took a lengthy course with an academy that was a few months long. I had lots of hands on there thankfully but the theory was lacking big time! I absolutely love this course. The details tricks and tips were amazing and so worth the money! And the best part of it is the continuous support after! Thank you!"

Sevil Mertol

"I have taken 2 other powdered brow courses and this is the best, honestly. Every section is so detailed with information and then examples and then more examples. From the brow mapping section, to the pigment swatch techniques, to the coloured fingers demonstration, to the videos after videos and I could go on and on. I am blown away by how much content was in this course and for the price. I truly believe everything that I've learned in this course is going to make a tremendous difference in my brow mapping time and the overall quality of my brows. Thank you soooooooo much ❤️ "

Nicky Nicholson

YES! I want to sign up for this amazing course for just $599 CAD

Course Curriculum

This incredible course is filled with priceless knowledge to help jump start or enhance your career and allow you to offer the best services to your clients. With over 100 lessons throughout 20 different courses you will learn some of the following:

  • Choosing your clients
  • Pre & Post Care
  • Skin structure
  • Colour theory & colour correction
  • Face analysis & symmetry
  • Brow mapping
  • Machine techniques
  • Speed
  • Live demos
  • Health & safety
  • & so much more!

Meet Your Instructors

Our team of expert educators, Mini, Tiffany, and Laura, have over 10 years of experience in various procedures spanning from brows to lips to eyeliner tattoo. Our extensive background in the techniques, business and education has elevated our curriculum for our students. We are passionate to deliver exceptional materials and training to our students and hope they continue to flourish in this industry.

Continued Support

This course is designed to help you succeed and we know that the best way to help you succeed is to offer full support for our classes. You will be able to join live chats and zoom calls with other students going through the same course. Need more help? No problem! Just email our team and we can offer one on one support!

We are here to help you succeed!

To develop world-class artists that can deliver high quality services to clients around the world.

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