Eyeliner Tattoo

4 Day Beginner Class

What This Course Offers

This course is designed for artists with or without prior experience in eyeliner tattoo. Learn the proper technique/process to successfully complete lashline enhancement and winged eyeliner on your clients.

During our 1:1 4 Day Course, you will practice on paper, skin pads and live models. You will practice on TWO live models during the 4 Day Course.

You will also have access to our Eyeliner Tattoo Online Course for 1 year so that you don’t miss a beat.

Topics Covered:


  • Health and Safety
  • Eyeliner Shape Design
  • Colour Theory
  • Various Machine Technique for Eyeliner
  • End-to-End Process with Client

We want to elevate your knowledge and we want YOU to succeed.

- Beaute Academy

Profession Kit Includes:


  • Make-up Box
  • 2 Eyeliner Pigment pack
  • Digital Machine
  • Needles & Micro Q-Tips
  • Zensa Numbing Cream
  • Duration Numbing
  • Design Wax Pencil
  • 2 Skin Pads
  • 100 Pigment Cups
  • Pigment Caddy
  • Cover Wrap
  • Machine Barrier Sleeve
  • Grip Tape


Day 1

  • Types of Eyeliners
  • Ideal Candidates
  • Contraindications
  • Pre & Post Care
  • Eyeliner Design
  • Machine Technique for Line Work
  • Machine Technique for Shading
  • Technique Components
  • Lashline Enhancement Technique
  • Classic Winged Eyeliner Technique
  • Practice on Skin Pad

Day 2

  • Skin Structure of Eyelid
  • Colour Theory
  • Colour Correction
  • Signs of Poor Technique
  • Machine & Needle Choices
  • Eyeliner Corrective Work
  • Health & Safety
  • Procedure Preparation
  • Model Demo Video
  • Practice on Skin Pad

Day 3-4

  • Live Model Day
  • Sanitation Steps
  • Station Preparation
  • Client Care
  • 1 on 1 Model Assistance
  • Model Feedback
  • 3 Month On-Going Support


At Beaute Academy, we pride ourselves in our intimate class setting and our innovative techniques. Our curriculum was designed to help you perfect this intricate craft and build your confidence so that you can succeed in this industry. We developed creative hands-on practice training that will allow you to sharpen your skills, every step of the way.

Our vision is to develop world-class artists that can deliver high quality services to clients around the world. Are you ready to join us?

Model Days

  • You will need to provide a model for Day 3 and Day 4.

Model Sourcing
If you would like us to help you secure a model for the class you signed up for, please email us this request once you signed up for the course. A fee of $150 plus tax will be required per model.

You will receive certificate after completing 6 models on your own. You will be required to email us before and after photos of your work after completing each model.

You will be asked for a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $1,000 upon registration. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class. Payments can be made by credit card and cash.

*Financing option available through a 3rd party




10:00am - 5:00pm


$5500 + HST