Eyeliner Tattoo Online Course

Eyeliner procedure has always been one of the most popular PMU services from all over the world. Now it is the time to upgrade your eyeliner technique and boost up your revenue! We will be sharing all our tips and tricks on how to provide the best optimal healed result while minimizing the pain level for your client.

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Jam-Packed Lessons!

Learn how to create the perfect eyeliner for your clients with the Eyeliner Tattoo Online Course featuring 121 lessons filled with information. With videos and demos going over every step from basic first steps to advanced tattooing you are guaranteed to come away with this course feeling confident in your newly acquired skills.

Meet Your Insturctors

Our team of expert educators, Mini, Tiffany, and Laura, have over 10 years of experience in various procedures spanning from brows to lips to eyeliner tattoo. Our extensive background in the techniques, business and education has elevated our curriculum for our students. We are passionate to deliver exceptional materials and training to our students and hope they continue to flourish in this industry.

Continued Support

This course is designed to help you succeed and we know that the best way to help you succeed is to offer full support for our classes. You will be able to join live chats and zoom calls with other students going through the same course. Need more help? No problem! Just email our team and we can offer one on one support!

We are here to help you succeed!

Yes! I cannot wait to start this course!

"I am so happy with the information in this online class. Having additional Zoom calls with Mini has also been an amazing bonus! I cannot wait to get some one on one time with Mini before I work with my first client, I am halfway through my first practice! Thank you so much for this course!"

Tracy Russell

"This course was absolutely packed with so much information! Even though I have been doing PMU for the past 10 years, I have now gained new and improved eyeliner game! Ongoing education is the key to being updated with the latest technique. Thank you so much for providing such an awesome and affordable class at the convenient of my home and at my pace!"

Josalyn Williams

"I've been doing PMU for 6 years and its easy to get stuck with specific techniques. Keeping up with new techniques and information is crucial; the industry is always evolving and one needs to keep up with it the best they can! Highly recommend this course, its informative and done professionally, clearly narrated as well. Thank you!"

Kada Issa