Brow Mapping Basics

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Brow mapping is an extremely important part of the brow shaping process that you cannot overlook. It not only allows you to find an ideal brow shape for each individual’s unique face shape but also allows you to create more balance and symmetry. Our comprehensive brow mapping technique will guide you on how to find the perfect brow shape for your client and how to address asymmetrical features in the face when trying to achieve symmetry in brow mapping, so don't miss out on learning our tips!

"The course was easy and simple! My past in-class brow instructor never taught me any of this stuff because she believed in more free handing, which was a total bummer... but this online course helped boost my confidence on how to correctly map brows for my future clients."

Izabelle Nguyen

"I took the actual class with Beaute Academy it was a great experience with wonderful people. With this online course I felt like I was there in the class again with Mini explaining every single step. Very educational, clear, and thorough. You cannot go wrong. Can't wait to continue with the rest of my online courses. THANK YOU BEAUTE STUDIO!! XOXO Nahren"

Nahren Albelaty

"The microblading course I took lacked the detail and training I needed to master mapping. This short and super informative course has given me the extra details and confidence to master my brow mapping."

Melissa Capone

I'm Ready to Enhance My Brow Mapping Skills for Only $49!

20 Jam Packed Lessons

With our Brow Mapping Basics course you will get:

  • High quality video tutorials of the entire brow mapping process
  • Images of brow mapping steps in detail
  • Comprehensive brow mapping guideline
  • How to address asymmetry
  • 1 year unlimited access from any device

Only $49

At only $49 CAD this is a great introductory course to see if PMU is right for you. It is also great for those just looking to get the right eyebrow design for themselves as well.

It is also a great refresher course for anyone that has been in the PMU industry for a while and just looking to update their techniques!

Meet Your Instructors

Our team of expert educators has over 10 years of experience in various procedures spanning from brows to lips to eyeliner tattoo. Our extensive background in the techniques, business and education has elevated our curriculum for our students. We are passionate to deliver exceptional materials and training to our students and hope they continue to flourish in this industry.

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